Electric Customer Bundles

Time of Use Offer

With our Peak Rewards Time of Use Plan, it’s all about shifting your energy use to times when costs are lower. It's easy! By changing the times you heat and cool your home, waiting to run the dishwasher, and making other small changes, you'll lower your bill. The more you shift your energy use, the more you save!

Using a smart thermostat can help you maximize your savings on this plan. For a limited time, Consumers Energy is offering an additional $25 instant rebate off a smart thermostat when you sign up for the Peak Rewards Time of Use Plan.


    With our Peak Rewards Time of use Plan, simply choose a thermostat below and add it to your cart. Click "Apply Rebates" to confirm your eligibility and claim your instant rebate at checkout. You'll be contacted by a Consumers Energy representative within 2-3 weeks to complete the Peak Power Savers Plan enrollment process.